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Online Resources for Youth

You can do report research, get assignment help, or look for information online. These resources are provided through library and state funding, so you are getting a lot more than the regular internet can provide! Our list below is a small sample of what is available. Click here to access our full list of online resources.

Elementary School

Enter a general search topic, and find magazine, newspaper, and reference book articles by reading level.
SIRS Discoverer

Enter a search, or click on the picture and get different subjects to try (people, sports, science and math)

Middle School and High School

Information on a Country (Click on the area you want to know about, narrow your search as you go!)
Europe Asia Oceania North America None Africa Africa None South America

General Information (Search for anything from animals to civil rights)

Looking for a current topic? Here are the top ten social issues students are researching.

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