Meeting Rooms

Are you looking for a convenient place to hold your next corporate meeting or a larger space to throw a baby shower. Try PDL!

Booking a Room

We offer a variety of meeting room spaces to suit small groups of 10 or less to larger functions for 100 or more. Groups have access to state-of-the-art technology and comfortable new furniture. Rooms are available during our open hours, Monday through Saturday. Rooms may be booked up to two months in advance and are on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to reserve a room, please contact our Meeting Room Coordinator at 269/585-8731. Read the Community Meeting Rooms Policy

Meeting Rooms

  Room(s) Capacity Price (per 2-hrs)
Austin Lake Theater Style: 60
Classroom Style: 30
Non-profit: $25
All Others: $55
Sugarloaf Lake Theater Style: 45
Classroom Style: 24
Non-profit: $20
All Others: $50
West Lake Theater Style: 35
Classroom Style: 20
Non-profit: $20
All Others: $50
Austin & Sugarloaf Lake Theater Style: 125
Classroom Style: 63
Non-profit: $45
All Others: $105
Sugarloaf & West Lake Theater Style: 85
Classroom Style: 45
Non-profit: $40
All Others: $100
Austin, Sugarloaf & West Lake Theater Style: 165
Classroom Style: 100
Non-profit: $65
All Others: $155
Gourdneck Lake Theater Style: 21
Classroom Style: 12
Non-profit: $15
All Others: $30
Long Lake Conference Style: 10 Non-profit: $10
All Others: $20
Gourdneck & Long Lake Theater Style: 42
Classroom Style: 24
Non-profit: $25
All Others: $50

Equipment & Amenities

Podiums and whiteboards are available for all rooms by request.

Room DVD* VCR* Projector* Wireless Mic Coffee Maker**
Austin Lake X X X X X
Sugarloaf Lake X X X X X
West Lake X X X X X
Gourdneck Lake X X X X X
Long Lake         X

*Any content played through the DVD, VCR, or Computer Projector will be displayed onto the screen via a ceiling mounted projector, and sound will be piped through a series of built-in ceiling speakers. If you intend to utilize the projector, make an appointment to test your computer with our system as we may not be able to provide technical assistance at the time of your event.

**You must provide any supplies required (i.e. filters, coffee, cups, and sugar, etc.)

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