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Lending Policy Update

Our goal is to provide Library users with the best services, materials, and programs. We find it necessary to make some changes due to increased library usage and current budget constraints. We hope that you will continue to enjoy what we offer.

Policy Changes & Clarifications

As we have been making plans and preparations for the renovation to the circulation area of the library, we have found it necessary to address the impact of self-checkout on library usage and the opportunities the renovation presents to make changes or adjustments to how services and materials are provided to the public. Also, considering the current and predicted revenue losses at a time when usage is still on the rise, it is important to weigh the impact of unlimited access and use of all services and materials to all members: resident, non-resident, or reciprocal.

As an extension of those plans and preparations, the Library has established a Hot Picks collection and Favorite Authors service, which are due to roll out this spring with the completion of the Circulation Redesign Project. While considering the establishment of these new features, how they would fit into our existing policies and procedures, and how other libraries have instituted similar collections and services, it became clear that the Library Board needed to enact some policy changes and document some existing practices:

To continue providing the greatest access to services and materials to our tax-paying constituents and to increase the availability of new or popular materials the following changes and additions were approved by the Library Board at their meeting on March 22, 2010 and will be effective May 1, 2010:

• Members are limited to a total of 5 movie and 10 music titles that can be checked out at one time. Similar limits may be set for other special collections.
• Resident and paying non-resident members may reserve up to 25 items total at one time; reciprocal borrowers may only reserve 3 items total at one time. Hot Pick collections cannot be reserved.
• A single renewal is allowed for items that are not in demand. Items with reserves, Hot Pick collections, high demand titles and other special collections are not renewable.
• A limit of 2 items from each Hot Pick item category (books, movies, music, or games) can be checked out at one time. Hot Pick movie and music titles are in addition to checkout limits set for other movie and music titles.
• Hot Pick collections are limited to use by resident and paying non-resident members.
• Interlibrary Loan and Favorite Author Services are limited to resident and paying non-resident members.
• The fee for reserving an item shall be the cost of first-class postage and handling, rounded to the next dime. Those patrons choosing to place holds on items and then failing to pick them up will still be charged said fee. Those patrons choosing e-mail notification over standard mail notification will not be charged for reserves. (This change increases the calculated fee from $0.50 to $0.60.)

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