Look at lists of books that we’ve put together to give you ideas about what to read next.

Adult Lists

  • Adult Fiction
    Look for lists of novels on thematic topics.
  • Adult Non-fiction
    Areas of interest include biography, travel, history, hobbies, science, art, sports, religion, how to’s, true crime, and books in the news. Friendly staff and improved signage makes our collection easy to use.
  • Book Discussion
    Books listed for “Book Discussion in a Bag”
  • Outside The Book
    Lists of books and other kinds of library resources developed along themes ranging from motorcycles to Scottland.
  • History & Genealogy
    Some excellent how to guides to family history.

Youth Lists

  • Teens
    Books for grades 6-12
  • Parents & Kids
    Booklists for children ages birth to 5th grade and the adults that care for them!
  • School Connect
    Booklists created to assist students with research and reading assignments
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