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Outside the Book Episode 7: Classic Roots/Twisted Branches

Posted June 6, 2014 in  Books and More

“Outside the Book” is a new monthly list that brings together materials from several areas of the library’s collections under the banner of an entertaining theme. Our themes may remind you of something you wanted to read, watch, listen to, or explore. Check back regularly for updates to our Outside the Book column to find new treasures!

Whom are you going to curl up with this summer? And where? In a hammock, the porch swing, on a towel at the beach, or a big armchair?
We mean which AUTHOR, of course! What were you thinking?

Are you taking this time of longer days and lazier evenings to reread the classics? Or does that sound too rigorous for the more indolent days you have planned? While some of us are planning to delve into some of Shakespeare again, or to reread Austen, an all-classics summer feels a little ambitious, even for this librarian. What to do?

There are a number of writers who, when they finished their favorite author’s oeuvre, could not accept that it was at an end, and so they wrote on—sometimes straight-up sequels, sometimes new twists on a character’s story, and sometimes time travels that take the author or the characters to the present day.
We have collected those so that you can devote that hammock time to Shakespeare spinoffs or Austen adaptations, Sherlock simulacrums or Camelot clones. Some of the booklists also include the classics changed to make them accessible to new reading levels. Enjoy!

We also invite you to our Tea and Cakes, Classics and Adaptations with Shakespeare Scholar and writer of classic adaptations Grace Tiffany at the Ladies’ Library Association on Thursday, June 12. Register online at www.portagelibrary.info

Lists for some of these “twisted branches” and the novels and plays that are their roots can be found below. They are by no means complete, so additions are welcome! Just email nsosulski@portagelibrary.info.