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Outside the Book Episode 1: Get Your Ride On!

Posted July 17, 2013 in  Books and More

“Outside the Book” is a new monthly list that brings together materials from several areas of the library’s collections under the banner of an entertaining theme. Our themes may remind you of something you wanted to read, watch, listen to, or explore. Check back regularly for updates to our Outside the Book column to find new treasures!

Inspired by all the bikers that have brought out their rides for the summer season, for our first “Outside the Book” episode, we present “Get Your Ride On!” a motorcycle-based theme. Whether the bike represents for you freedom, adventure, escape, or discovery, this collection will definitely foster a love for the ride and help you feel one with the road.

For those looking for high-octane adventure, look no further than the Mad Max movie trilogy, Easy Rider on DVD, or the Ghost Rider graphic novels. Stuck indoors? Get your adrenaline-pumping action virtually with Mx Vs ATV for the Wii, XBox 360, or PS3!

Seeking purpose, life’s meaning, or trying to rediscover who you are? Share the journey with young “Che” Guevara in the film Motorcycle Diaries, or enjoy it’s CD Soundtrack; listen to a father/son memoir Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, or read any number of bike travelogues and biker biographies on our Ride On list .

Want to get back in touch with your bad self? You can’t go wrong with the TV Series Sons of Anarchy or listening to music by Metallica. Personally, no one reminds me of the open road more than rocker Bob Seeger. Need a little more angst? Go for Meatloaf. For something different, try albums from the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Bikes aren’t just for the boys. Ladies, suit up with reads like Whiskey Road, Rev It Up, and Unexpected Dismounts.

Beginning biker or current enthusiast? Check out issues of Motorcyclist magazine, or learn basic tips to new tricks with Ride Hard, Ride Smart or Street Strategies and other riding guides that can be found on our shelves. Show off your creative vibe by using American Chopper by Activision for PC to design, build, and ride your own custom set of wheels.

If all this riding makes you hungry, we’ve got you covered! Make yourself some tasty grub from The Biker Cookbook or The Biker Gourmet’s Chuck Wagon in a Saddlebag Cookbook.

Lastly, before you have a brush-in with the law, brush up on it with Motorcyclist’s Legal Handbook and keep yourself safe and out of trouble!

Just for you, we’ve put together a “Get Your Ride On” display in the Adult Fiction Room where you can not only browse a grab-and-go selection of motorbike materials that are ready for check out, but view an actual 2013 Bonneville Triumph Motorcycle, on loan for the month of August from Life Cycle Kalamazoo.

For a printable list of motorcycle-themed items, click here to view the list to ‘Ride On!’