Nothing Exciting!?

Posted February 17, 2011 in  History and Genealogy

Well, today was dry in the Heritage Room. I spent part of the day helping a fantastic local school group with their various research projects (it always amazes me the incredible topics they come up with!!!)…I spent part of the day working at the Youth Information Desk assisting patrons with their library needs…and I spent part of the day re-organizing the Kalamazoo City Directory Collection to accommodate the Michigan History Magazine Collection. Unfortunately time ran out and I was unable to complete the re-organization however, I should be able to persevere tomorrow (Friday).

Oh, I also worked with the Teen Librarian on using flip-cam video on our large informational televisions. We got it working and it looks great! This means that I will be able to move ahead with my idea of a weekly recorded “history minute” covering topics of Portage History and local history. I will keep you all updated as the project develops!

February 17th, 1861
In Montgomery Alabama, preparations are being completed for the February 18th inauguration of Jefferson Davis as the Provisional President of the Confederate States of America.