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Policies & Guidelines

The Portage District Library Board is the elected governing body that establishes and enforces policies for the library, as authorized by the provisions of the State of Michigan’s District Library Law (1989 PA 24, as amended). The Library Board has the responsibility for considering what policies are needed to carry forward the library’s mission, and it adopts appropriate written policies and keeps them up-to-date by periodic review and revision. Following is a complete list of Library Board policies as most recently revised. For additional information concerning library policies, check our Member Privileges.

Library Board Operating & Public Service Policies

Portage District Library’s Mission Statement is:
“Helping you access the world of information in a friendly atmosphere”

Portage District Library’s Global End Statement is:
“We will be a valued community resource for life-long learning.”

Portage District Library’s Ends Statements are to:

  • Optimize patron access to library services and to local & global resources
  • Be a desired destination for our community
  • Reflect the changing needs of our community

All policy documents are in PDF
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